Month: September 2016

Soarin’ Around the World

Walt Disney World Photo Gallery Disc
There are 4 parks at Walt Disney World in Florida and my favorite is Epcot. The best attraction at Epcot (in my humble opinion) has been Soarin’ Over California (also known as Soarin’). The attraction has recently undergone some revamping to increase the capacity by adding an additional theatre and updating the movie to (insert drum roll here)…Soarin’ Over the World. This will show at Epcot and Disneyland.  Shanghai Disney will show Soarin’ Over the Horizon.

I haven’t been back to see the updated version yet, but D23, the official Disney fan club, posted an article about 3 ‘easter eggs’ in the film. You can see their article HERE.

Don’t miss out on seeing this updated version.  We are looking forward to returning to our happy place and seeing it too 🙂

Have fun exploring the World!


Storybook Land Canal Boats at Disneyland

I love looking at old photographs of Walt Disney, surveying the creation of his ideas. Disney Parks Blog posted this great pic of Walt and I just had to share. This is one of the classic Disney attractions that you can’t find at Walt Disney World in Florida.


So much detail goes into each area of this attraction that you might notice something different each time you ride that you may have missed before. When we rode this, the Cast Member loading the boat made a HUGE deal about my younger daughter, who was dressed as Cinderella, calling her ‘Princess Cindy.’  The guests were sweet to play along with her special treatment as royalty aboard our little ship.


.IMG_1504   IMG_1506   IMG_1503

George Savvas, Public Relations Director for Disneyland Resort, posted an article on the Disney Park blog earlier this year, sharing the story behind the making of this classic attraction.  You can read his post HERE.

Have fun exploring the World!



Making a customized jewelry dish


Lately I’ve been adding vinyl to everything, so when I saw these glass square bowls on clearance, I had to have them.  I designed several for my family, then had to create one of my own 🙂

clear square bowl pic

Of course, mine had to have a Disney inspired look, too! This was super easy to design and using my vinyl cutter machine, it took very little time.


I designed 1/2-inch circles and cut out a few in different colors.

yellow curio cut                                cut circles

For my Mickey dish, I used red and yellow. I placed them in a random, sporadic pattern around the outside of the dish, so the vinyl wouldn’t be ruined by any items placed inside the dish.

transfer mickey pic

Then I added my Mickey to the bottom outside of the dish. If you are adding words, a monogram or a direction-specific design, make sure to MIRROR the image before cutting on your machine.

Hope this inspires you!


Have fun being creative!


Disney Pumpkins & Fall Decor

Yesterday was the first day of Fall.  This is one of my favorite times of the year and always look forward to the day that I can finally pull out my Fall Disney door decoration (please excuse the old door).  The pumpkin has a removable layer to display the Jack-‘o-lantern underneath, but I usually leave it covered until Halloween day.

Fall Door Decoration

And before you ask, I purchased this MANY years ago (before I ever owned a home of my own) at a Disney store outlet, so I doubt it is still available for purchase.  But it is my favorite Fall decoration, and I love pulling this out of the closet each October.  When I see this, it reminds me of cooler weather (even though it may be 100 degrees outside) and also has the BEST character, Sorcerer Mickey (of course, his real title is the Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey, but it gets shortened ALOT).

To go with my favorite door decoration, we also love to carve pumpkins (and roast the seeds…YUM!).  We’ve tried cutting, painting and light bright pegs, but for all of these you need to start with a great design and stencil.  I’m not great at freehand, so I really LOVE when someone makes my life easier by sharing their templates.

Colleen at has a post on Disney stencils for designing your pumpkin this fall. All of the favorite characters are represented such as Frozen and princesses, but also the Villains 🙂

Have fun being creative!


Limited edition Magic Bands

Since Walt Disney World (Florida) started using Magic Bands in 2013, there have been collectors for the different colors and styles of Magic Bands.  For more information on the history of Magic Bands, check out this article.

You receive your Magic Bands in the mail prior to your trip if you are staying on property, however you can always order additional colors and styles from the Disney Parks store here.

Disney Parks MagicBand - Learn More

For the upcoming 45th anniversary of the Magic Kingdom in WDW, Disney is releasing lots of collectibles, including a limited edition Magic Band. Magic Bands are your ‘key to the world,’ including your room key, park tickets and fast passes.

According to Ethan at MagicBand Collectors, it will be released on October 1st at the Emporium in the Magic Kingdom.  There aren’t any photos of these special Magic Bands yet, but follow Ethan’s blog here for updates.

UPDATE:  Here’s the pic of the special Magic Band

Of course, if you want to DIY-style your basic Magic Band, check out my previous post on decorating your Magic Bands here.

Polka Dot Magic Band

Have fun exploring the World!