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I ran across an article about Disney and Pixar this morning and my daughter asked, “Aren’t they the same thing?”  I guess if you’ve grown up watching their collaborative creations, you would think so, but they are different aspects of the same company.

Disney And Pixar Fight To Rule The Mouse House (you can read the article by Nicole LaPorte for FastCompany here)

Disney is synonymous with animation, as they should be since Walt created the industry with his first animated feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, in 1937.

Although other studios have jumped onboard the animation train, Disney and now Pixar seem to dominate.  In the 1980s, Pixar became the innovator for animation, demonstrating how computer-generated imagery could appear realistic and just as emotionally captivating as traditional animation.

In the early 1990s, Disney and Pixar agreed to work together on one computer-generated animation film and with the enormous success of Toy Story, they agreed to work on 5 more films over 10 years.  Since that time, there have been many amazing collaborations:  A Bug’s Life, Toy Story sequels, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Up, Wall-E, Cars, Brave, Ratatouille and now this summer’s biggest animation debut, Finding Dory.  You can see the full Pixar timeline here.


We’re excited about seeing this sequel and plan on making Finding Dory headbands or hair bows to wear for the movie, so I’ll have to post on how to make these once we’re done.

Have fun being creative!



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