This has been a difficult week for Orlando.  It started with the tremendous loss of Christina Grimmie.  She was one of my family’s favorite singers on the Voice.  She was not much older than my own daughter and I was stunned to hear of her murder.

The very next day we woke to hear the terrible news about the shooting massacre at Pulse nightclub.  So many families forever changed…

Then today, it felt like my heart was beyond broken to hear the tragic news of the toddler and gator.  I recalled how many times my family has enjoyed the beautiful beach areas at Walt Disney World, without any thought of alligators.  That could have been my family, it could have happened to any one of us who gets lost in the Disney bubble and forgets that we share this land with nature’s creatures.

I am praying for all of the families affected this week and my heart is broken for you, for the tears you shed and the immense feeling of loss.  I also pray for the City of Orlando, for the city that welcomes me as I return to the World, my happy place.  I hope you heal and continue to move forward.  You are always in my heart




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