Sometimes when I plan a trip to the World, I need to stay off-site (GASP!  I know it’s rare, but it does happen).

So, where can you find the BEST deal that still has some great Disney perks?  Check one of my favorite sites for cost-saving deals:

Mary Waring, the creator of, has been providing FREE information about Disney since 2001.  Her site offers hundreds of pages about Disney discounts, as well as info on other Disney-related travel or entertainment such as Disneyland vacation packages, Disney’s Broadway shows or Disney on Ice.

And if you HAVE to visit other theme parks in the area, she does provide info on possible discounts.

I love that Mary shares her immense knowledge on how to save money, especially for hotels at and nearby the World.  She also has extensive reviews for these hotels and offers excellent advice when trying to locate that less expensive option close to the World.

Have fun!


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