Pooh Bear’s Trip

The important thing is to teach a child that good can always triumph over evil–Walt Disney



Being a Disney fan, I have a large Disney movie collection, especially on VHS.  We also own DVD and Blu-Ray, but my older daughter was raised on using a VCR to watch her favorite characters.

When my oldest was 6, we sold our home and moved 300 miles away. It was difficult for her to deal with the changes: a new home, new friends, a new school, but her trusty Pooh Bear was always by her side…until he fell into a storm drain. You know, one of those really deep ones with rushing water. It was devastating.

Being a Disney fan, we always watched Disney movies and had recently seen Fantasia 2000.  fantasia2000

In the movie, a toy soldier falls down a storm drain and goes on an adventure, which eventually leads him back home.  My daughter immediately asked me if Pooh Bear had to go somewhere.  I told her, “He probably went back to Disney to visit his friends.  I hope he has a safe trip and we’ll see him soon.”

A few weeks later, my daughter received a postcard from Pooh Bear

2015-05-11 13.05.27 2015-05-11 13.05.56


and miraculously (thanks ebay), he returned to our doorstep after his adventure.

To this day, she still smiles about that time in our lives (and still loves Pooh Bear)


Have fun exploring the World!



Storybook autograph book

When we do fantasy, we must not lose sight of reality–Walt Disney


Meeting characters is like meeting rock stars for kids. They have seen these characters on television, in movies, in video games and in storybooks.  So, it is nice to have something tangible to remind them of their visit with that special character, typically a picture and an autograph.  Autograph books are sold in the parks and at the Disney store, but you may want to do something a little more creative.

Disney Princess autograph book from Disney store
Disney Princess autograph book from Disney store

So on our last trip to Disneyland, we decided to use my daughter’s favorite Princess storybook as her autograph book. These were the characters she was looking forward to meeting the most 🙂

Princess Storybook Collection
Princess Storybook Collection

It was a really great experience for her as the princesses spent extra time reading their story and speaking with my daughter.

Disneyland, California
Meeting her favorite princess, Jasmine

photo (22)

She couldn’t stop giggling all day 🙂

Princess Giggles

For our next trip to the World, she’s on a mission to get her princess shirt signed (I’ll add a post on that when she gets it done).

Have fun exploring the World!


Minnie bag

I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing–that it all started with a mouse. –Walt Disney


My youngest daughter has recently expressed an interest in sewing. Since we are taking a trip with her Girl Scout troop to the World later this year, we decided to make Minnie bags for her friends. I chose pre-made bags and helped her add the embellishments.


  • Pre-made cotton canvas bags (I ordered 10-inch by 12-inch bright colored bags from Oriental Trading) These are thin, but work well for someone just learning to sew
  • Decorative fabric
  • Coordinating ribbon
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Wonder-under fusible paper backed webbing
  • Iron
  • MIckey head template
  • Ironing cloth (I use an old plain pillowcase)


  1. Decide on a design and trace or cut on smooth side (paper backing) of fusible webbing.  photo (15)
  2. Iron onto decorative fabric.  This will be a reverse image of what will appear on the bag.  Since it’s Minnie, it looks the same either way 🙂
  3. Cut out fabric, remove paper backing and place webbing side down onto bag.  photo (16)
  4. Cover with damp ironing cloth and iron on wool setting for 5-10 seconds (Ironing cloth will be pretty dry once finished ironing).
  5. Using a decorative stitch setting (we chose a zig zag style), stitch around design.  Be careful NOT to stitch through front and back of bag together OR through bag handles (yes…we did that)

photo (18)

6. Create a simple bow from the coordinating ribbon and hand sew onto your Minnie ear design.

photo (19)

Of course, my daughter’s had to be different, so she added a jeweled crown 🙂

Princess Minnie
Princess Minnie

Have fun being creative!



Disney ‘bounding’ tutu

I believe in being an innovator — Walt Disney

Disney ‘bounding’ is new phrase for me. It means dressing LIKE your favorite character, without dressing AS the character. Pinterest has some great boards with Disney ‘bounding’ ideas.  My youngest daughter is preparing for our next trip to the World by creating a Disney ‘bounding’ tutu for each day.  We started with a character t-shirt and chose complimentary headband ribbon and tulle colors.  We also chose accessories from Hot Topic to tie it together.

Coordinating tulle and headband ribbon


To get started:

  1. Choose a character and decide on your color scheme.
  2. ariel shirt
  3. Raid your closet for possible coordinating choices or start with a character shirt
  4. Cut headband ribbon (waist size plus 2 inches).
  5. Sew headband ribbon together.  I used another coordinating piece of ribbon in between to hold them together while sewing.  ribbon
  6. Cut tulle into 24-inch lengths.  Fold in half and run loop through two holes of headband ribbon, then run ends through loop.  We used the two center rows and left the top & bottom rows free.
  7. To help keep the ribbon taut, we placed it around a pillow.  This helped my daughter with locating the correct holes for running the ribbon through.

photo (14)

Finished Ariel design
Finished Ariel design

Have fun being creative!


Design your own Disney t-shirt

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible — Walt Disney


Have you ever wanted a custom Disney t-shirt, but didn’t know how to start?  With so many great ideas, it is easy to create your own.

Items needed:

  • freezer paper
  • t-shirt
  • fabric paint
  • iron


  1. Choose a design and trace on the back of freezer paper (smooth side).
  2. Carefully cut out the design.  If you have a Silhouette machine, you can cut out just about ANY design.
  3. Iron the design, rough side down, onto your t-shirt.
  4. Place a cardboard layer and extra freezer paper inside your t-shirt (to separate front and back).
  5. Once cool, paint around your design.  You may need several coats.
  6. Let dry for several hours, then carefully peel off design.
  7. Place a protective fabric over the design before ironing to set the paint.  (I use an old pillowcase).
  8. Design should be washable after 3 days depending on the fabric paint used.  Read directions on paint before washing.
This design was created by the best Girl Scout Troop Leader ever! Thanks Melanie 🙂

Have fun being creative!


Weekly menu board

Anyone can cook! – Chef Gusteau from Disney’s Ratatouille

My husband loves to cook, which makes me feel incredibly blessed, but he needs a plan to help him stay on task, so I created a weekly menu board (with a Disney theme, of course!).  I liked the idea of having each day separate, compared to a single board.



Menu Board


You can make this as decorative or basic as you want (I also added some Mickey head journaling cards to the solid colored pages).

Have fun being creative!


My Happy Place–Disney’s Beach Club Resort

To all who come to this happy place, welcome–Walt Disney


My favorite resort at Walt Disney World is Beach Club Resort.  When I married my husband at Walt Disney World, we stayed at the Beach Club and it will always be my favorite, but we rarely stay here since Deluxe resorts are typically not in our vacation budget.  However, since it holds a very special place in my heart, I always make a point of coming back to visit during our trips.  The Beach Club is one of the Epcot resorts.  It is connected to Disney’s Yacht Club and they share swimming areas.

Beach Club beach
View from the beach at Disney’s Beach Club resort towards Boardwalk, Swan and Dolphin resorts

You can visit any resort on property, even if you aren’t staying on property.  It is also very easy to visit Beach Club, Yacht Club and Boardwalk since you can exit Epcot at the International Gateway in the back of the park and walk over.  Swan and Dolphin are also accessible from here, but they are not Disney properties, and I have never been over there, so I can’t give my opinion.  There is also a walkway from these resorts over to Hollywood Studios.  It takes about 20 minutes walking from here or taking a boat from the dock to Hollywood Studios.

Cape May Cafe in the Beach Club hosts a character breakfast buffet with Beach Goofy and friends.  For dinner, they offer a seafood-and-more buffet (no characters).  There is also a great little ice cream soda shop, Beaches and Cream.  Their specialty is the Kitchen Sink, which has scoops of every ice cream flavor smothered in every topping they have and a WHOLE CAN of whipped cream.  Bring your appetite or friends to share this decadent delight.

During the holiday season, this Deluxe resort has a beautiful Christmas tree or a gingerbread carousel in the lobby.  It smells heavenly 🙂

Beach Club Gingerbread Carrousel

If you ever get a chance to visit, I highly recommend a slow, relaxing stroll through this happy spot.

Have fun exploring the World!