Souvenir shopping is one of my all-time favorite activities, especially at my happy place, but Disney souvenirs can be VERY expensive.  To help with costs, we started saving our pennies and all of our extra change goes towards our souvenirs, but saving without a plan can be unfruitful, so we created a modified savings plan.

There are lots of ways to budget and save, but I’ve found that this is the one our kids love to use.  First, we have a “Wish Fund” jar and a general penny fund.  I collect whatever spare change we have and place in general penny fund to start the process.  For instructions on how to create your own “Wish Fund” jar, read my previous post here.

I then created a spreadsheet starting at 1 penny, then adding a penny per day for 365 days of the year (day 2=$.02, day 3=$.03, up to $3.65 for the last day of the year).  I created 3 columns (one for each month per quarter) and had 4 pages total.

It’s easy to start with any spare change you have, but the harder part comes as the year goes on.  To help with the ‘larger’ savings, I would add any extra funds from our budget starting from the end of the list.  For example, if I had an extra $20, I would subtract $3.65, then $3.64 and so forth, with $1.85 leftover (place this in your general penny fund).  I highlight each day of savings, so I don’t lose track, and my kids love to see if we can ‘get ahead’ throughout the year.

If you stick to adding WITHOUT subtracting any funds, then you’ll have over $600 dollars for your souvenirs!  I like to give the kids a certain dollar amount per day for souvenirs and allow them to budget their money to get the items they want.  Once their souvenir money is assigned, I use the rest for our ‘snacking’ fund and don’t feel guilty about getting my daily Dole Whip fix.

Have fun exploring the World!


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