The important thing is to teach a child that good can always triumph over evil–Walt Disney



Being a Disney fan, I have a large Disney movie collection, especially on VHS.  We also own DVD and Blu-Ray, but my older daughter was raised on using a VCR to watch her favorite characters.

When my oldest was 6, we sold our home and moved 300 miles away. It was difficult for her to deal with the changes: a new home, new friends, a new school, but her trusty Pooh Bear was always by her side…until he fell into a storm drain. You know, one of those really deep ones with rushing water. It was devastating.

Being a Disney fan, we always watched Disney movies and had recently seen Fantasia 2000.  fantasia2000

In the movie, a toy soldier falls down a storm drain and goes on an adventure, which eventually leads him back home.  My daughter immediately asked me if Pooh Bear had to go somewhere.  I told her, “He probably went back to Disney to visit his friends.  I hope he has a safe trip and we’ll see him soon.”

A few weeks later, my daughter received a postcard from Pooh Bear

2015-05-11 13.05.27 2015-05-11 13.05.56


and miraculously (thanks ebay), he returned to our doorstep after his adventure.

To this day, she still smiles about that time in our lives (and still loves Pooh Bear)


Have fun exploring the World!




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