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Liberty Square symbol
Liberty Square symbol

When people ask me what they should plan to do on their trip to the Magic Kingdom, I try to help them choose one or two absolute must-do items and usually it’s one of the ‘e-ticket’ events…Anna & Elsa meet & greet, 7 Dwarfs Mine Train,  the mountains (Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad), but rarely do I include Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom (SOTMK).  In fact, I had never slowed down enough to actually participate in this fun, FREE event until our last trip this past summer.  Anyone who knows me knows that I love to collect Disney things, especially FREE Disney things, so it is surprising that I’ve never taken advantage of this before.

First, a little background information…Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is an interactive game that began in 2012, and is played only at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.  Merlin (The Sword in the Stone) recruits park guests as apprentice sorcerers and sends them out to battle various Disney villains led by Hades (Hercules).  The game takes place throughout the various themed lands throughout the park, except for Tomorrowland, using special spell cards.

There are two areas in the Magic Kingdom where you can get your FREE pack of SOTMK spell cards each day.  The first area, and typically the busiest area, is at the front of the park, in the Firehouse next to City Hall.  The second area is a little more hidden, behind Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in Liberty Square, across from the meet & greet for Princess Tiana.

On your very first visit, the Cast Member will get you registered using your magic band or park ticket, then give you a tutorial on how to play, as well as get you started on the adventure with Merlin.  You also receive a map with the locations of the SOTMK ‘magic portals,’ however feel free to ask a Cast Member for help if you can’t seem to locate a specific portal.


Each ‘magic portal’ is marked by a symbol like the one pictured above.  When you find the correct portal, wave your card and the portal opens up to continue your adventure.  You can only get one pack of cards per ticket per day, however special events have special cards available, too.


If you complete the game by defeating Hades, you can get an extra set of cards for that day (and also bump up to the next level game).  If you attend the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party or the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party, a special ‘bonus’ card is available, so don’t forget to stop by for your FREE bonus spell card.

Which spell to use?
Which spell to use?



We haven’t reached the end of the game yet, so I’ll have to post an update once we do.

Have fun exploring the World!



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    • Hi Kelly,
      It is definitely something boys would enjoy. We saw several of all ages participating. There is also another FREE event that takes place in Adventureland. It’s called “A Pirate’s Adventures: Treasure Hunt.” It is definitely shorter than the SOTMK game since it only takes place in Adventureland, however if they like pirates, they may want to check it out. Sign up at old Cartography shop near Golden Oak Outpost. I haven’t tried this one yet, but I’ve heard the effects for this game are really good after dark. Have fun!

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