When we do fantasy, we must not lose sight of reality–Walt Disney


Meeting characters is like meeting rock stars for kids. They have seen these characters on television, in movies, in video games and in storybooks.  So, it is nice to have something tangible to remind them of their visit with that special character, typically a picture and an autograph.  Autograph books are sold in the parks and at the Disney store, but you may want to do something a little more creative.

Disney Princess autograph book from Disney store
Disney Princess autograph book from Disney store

So on our last trip to Disneyland, we decided to use my daughter’s favorite Princess storybook as her autograph book. These were the characters she was looking forward to meeting the most 🙂

Princess Storybook Collection
Princess Storybook Collection

It was a really great experience for her as the princesses spent extra time reading their story and speaking with my daughter.

Disneyland, California
Meeting her favorite princess, Jasmine

photo (22)

She couldn’t stop giggling all day 🙂

Princess Giggles

For our next trip to the World, she’s on a mission to get her princess shirt signed (I’ll add a post on that when she gets it done).

Have fun exploring the World!



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