I love looking at old photographs of Walt Disney, surveying the creation of his ideas. Disney Parks Blog posted this great pic of Walt and I just had to share. This is one of the classic Disney attractions that you can’t find at Walt Disney World in Florida.


So much detail goes into each area of this attraction that you might notice something different each time you ride that you may have missed before. When we rode this, the Cast Member loading the boat made a HUGE deal about my younger daughter, who was dressed as Cinderella, calling her ‘Princess Cindy.’  The guests were sweet to play along with her special treatment as royalty aboard our little ship.


.IMG_1504   IMG_1506   IMG_1503

George Savvas, Public Relations Director for Disneyland Resort, posted an article on the Disney Park blog earlier this year, sharing the story behind the making of this classic attraction.  You can read his post HERE.

Have fun exploring the World!




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