I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing–that it all started with a mouse. –Walt Disney


My youngest daughter has recently expressed an interest in sewing. Since we are taking a trip with her Girl Scout troop to the World later this year, we decided to make Minnie bags for her friends. I chose pre-made bags and helped her add the embellishments.


  • Pre-made cotton canvas bags (I ordered 10-inch by 12-inch bright colored bags from Oriental Trading) These are thin, but work well for someone just learning to sew
  • Decorative fabric
  • Coordinating ribbon
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Wonder-under fusible paper backed webbing
  • Iron
  • MIckey head template
  • Ironing cloth (I use an old plain pillowcase)


  1. Decide on a design and trace or cut on smooth side (paper backing) of fusible webbing.  photo (15)
  2. Iron onto decorative fabric.  This will be a reverse image of what will appear on the bag.  Since it’s Minnie, it looks the same either way 🙂
  3. Cut out fabric, remove paper backing and place webbing side down onto bag.  photo (16)
  4. Cover with damp ironing cloth and iron on wool setting for 5-10 seconds (Ironing cloth will be pretty dry once finished ironing).
  5. Using a decorative stitch setting (we chose a zig zag style), stitch around design.  Be careful NOT to stitch through front and back of bag together OR through bag handles (yes…we did that)

photo (18)

6. Create a simple bow from the coordinating ribbon and hand sew onto your Minnie ear design.

photo (19)

Of course, my daughter’s had to be different, so she added a jeweled crown 🙂

Princess Minnie
Princess Minnie

Have fun being creative!