I believe in being an innovator — Walt Disney

Disney ‘bounding’ is new phrase for me. It means dressing LIKE your favorite character, without dressing AS the character. Pinterest has some great boards with Disney ‘bounding’ ideas.  My youngest daughter is preparing for our next trip to the World by creating a Disney ‘bounding’ tutu for each day.  We started with a character t-shirt and chose complimentary headband ribbon and tulle colors.  We also chose accessories from Hot Topic to tie it together.

Coordinating tulle and headband ribbon


To get started:

  1. Choose a character and decide on your color scheme.
  2. ariel shirt
  3. Raid your closet for possible coordinating choices or start with a character shirt
  4. Cut headband ribbon (waist size plus 2 inches).
  5. Sew headband ribbon together.  I used another coordinating piece of ribbon in between to hold them together while sewing.  ribbon
  6. Cut tulle into 24-inch lengths.  Fold in half and run loop through two holes of headband ribbon, then run ends through loop.  We used the two center rows and left the top & bottom rows free.
  7. To help keep the ribbon taut, we placed it around a pillow.  This helped my daughter with locating the correct holes for running the ribbon through.

photo (14)

Finished Ariel design
Finished Ariel design

Have fun being creative!