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Limited edition Magic Bands

Since Walt Disney World (Florida) started using Magic Bands in 2013, there have been collectors for the different colors and styles of Magic Bands.  For more information on the history of Magic Bands, check out this article.

You receive your Magic Bands in the mail prior to your trip if you are staying on property, however you can always order additional colors and styles from the Disney Parks store here.

Disney Parks MagicBand - Learn More

For the upcoming 45th anniversary of the Magic Kingdom in WDW, Disney is releasing lots of collectibles, including a limited edition Magic Band. Magic Bands are your ‘key to the world,’ including your room key, park tickets and fast passes.

According to Ethan at MagicBand Collectors, it will be released on October 1st at the Emporium in the Magic Kingdom.  There aren’t any photos of these special Magic Bands yet, but follow Ethan’s blog here for updates.

UPDATE:  Here’s the pic of the special Magic Band


Of course, if you want to DIY-style your basic Magic Band, check out my previous post on decorating your Magic Bands here.

Polka Dot Magic Band

Have fun exploring the World!


Keys to the World

Imagination has no age–Walt Disney


Magic Bands are your new ‘Key to the World.’ If you are staying on property or an annual passholder, there is NO extra charge for your bands. They hold your room key, your park tickets, your FastPass+, your Memory Maker account and your charging privileges.

Magic Bands

If you are a ‘day guest,’ you can purchase a MagicBand in advance from Disney store online or on property, however you cannot add charging privileges.  The active transmitters embedded in MagicBand are expected to last for 2-3 years.

You can customize your magic bands at least 10 days prior to your arrival, which includes choosing a color and adding a name or phrase.  It was very exciting to get our first set of Magic Bands, but we definitely wanted to spruce them up before we traveled to Disney.  There are lots of great ideas for painting and decorating, however some require way too much artistic skill for me, so instead I added simple painted polka dots.  Sharpie paint markers work well on the bands and come in a variety of colors.  I have used this Magic Band for two different 5-day trips during the past year and the design has held up, with only a touch up on the black Mickey head needed before the 2nd trip.

2015-06-04 20.31.58

My younger daughter wanted to add a Stitch tattoo to her Magic Band, however it was tricky to transfer and didn’t turn out exactly the way she wanted it to.

2015-06-04 20.16.13 2015-06-04 20.14.46 2015-06-04 20.47.29

It also began to peel pretty quickly, so we ended up adding extra color using the Sharpie paint markers.  I think for our next set we’ll try making pretty designs using my new vinyl cutter.  I’ll post an update whenever we get a chance to do this 🙂

Have fun being creative!